City of Ottawa Official Plans

What goes on behind the scenes?

Do you ever wonder what the City of Ottawa will look like in 5 years? 10 years?  

Wonder no longer and get informed with this gold mine of information!  The city recently updated some of the plans and we have the links to take you there!

There are 10 official plans for the vision of Ottawa's future, with 2 official amendments.  Among them are: Infrastructure Master Plan, Climate Change Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and more!  

Don't let these official documents intimidate you, take some time to give them a read, and contact your local city counsellor to make sure that your voice is heard! 

After all not only will these changes affect your interaction with the real estate market, they will have an effect on every aspect of life here in beautiful Ottawa! 


Check out the official plan's and make your voice heard!

Don't Want to Sift Through Documents?

If you want a more centralized, current document to check out click the link below!

There are also some neighbourhood specific links here if you want to learn about specific areas of the city!  This is the most recent publication from the city in looking ahead to the future, and the best resource for centralized information in one document... check it out!


Check it out straight from the source!